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About Us

The Gamers League History

LOOT was founded in 2020 by a young woman entrepreneurial who had a dream and a lot of determination. Initially as an e-commerce that provided equipment, peripherals, and games at an affordable price focusing on modern high technology and social inclusion. In 2021, the pandemic changed the digital economic market and revolutionized the way gamers positioned themselves socially, LOOT then, decided to innovate and bring a unique and unprecedented idea to the Brazilian market. In November 2022, its first physical space was launched, a Gamer Bar and Arena focused on inclusion and accessibility.

LOOT shifted from selling products to focus on the UX of our clients, ceasing to resell products and dedicating ourselves to their usability, opening doors for all generations from the Lan Houses era to the AI folks. Bringing the public together in one place to equally enjoy the latest technology always available for everyone, along with a selection of classic and exclusive drinks at affordable prices.


In January 2024, once again innovating and showing its resilience, the brand underwent a rebranding to better associate with the public. Connecting directly with the community and giving a new face to what was already good and becoming even better. In this new stage, it introduced more colors, more life, and a new mascot to call its own. It built its name in the market and secured the brand's future, gaining recognition from the public, leading the company to become this giant powerhouse.

After all that, GAMERS LEAGUE emerged stronger than ever, being this whole team that works cooperatively to make all this happen! Our clients, as partners in this atmosphere, are also part of this league of collaborators. Without our partners, we cannot continue to innovate, progress, and diversify. And that's why LOOT - GAMERS LEAGUE is the complete structure for beginners and professionals to interact and enjoy the same setup, with the same quality and without exclusion! It's where we are all equal and can enjoy the same performance. It's a space of joy, connection, and a lot of novelty. Without a doubt, it's where we all feel at home.

...and you?

Are you already part of the Gamers League?

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